Look 1 /23

Overexposed. Firstly, in its subtle, yet suggestive prints; which include pixelated pornography on some pieces and hand drawn erotica on others. Secondly, in the garments themselves; floaty, sheer pieces with moments of total transparency, hinting at something provocative – but only in fleeting glances. Each garment is named for a Greek or Roman goddess, from Minerva to Venus, each dress evoking their age-old erotic tales of lovers, in delities and carnal triumphs.

The clothes range from insouciant dresses in weightless silk chiffon, to three- piece suits in the lightest wool which are of a masculine cut with a feminine sex appeal. Other pieces include floor-length dresses inked with verses from Dante’s Paradiso and spectacular silks which pay homage to the beauty and re nement of geishas, they are goddess-like with kimono styling and are decorated with sensual Japanese art.

The colours in collection are soft and sweet – fresh peach, sherbet lemon and powder blue – but are lifted from becoming saccharine with the earthy addition of nude, fleshy tones, lots of white and shots of zingy orange to add some pizzazz.