Alexandra Long


A contemporary fashion brand that speaks to the multidimensional woman, the ALEXANDRA LONG aesthetic is smart, sporty, and modern, with a spiritual undertone.


The woman who wears ALEXANDRA LONG can be a fierce urban warrior while also taking time to care for her neighbours and the planet she inhabits. She is strong, but with a heart and soul – much like the clothes she wears.


Tailoring and sharp suiting dominates – drawing on Alexandra’s design background and family roots – while the risqué, yet very practical, zip-through-crotch jumpsuit is one of the unique garments that will always have a place in the brand’s collections. The hidden pockets found in ALEXANDRA LONG garments are another longstanding detail, which now come with a healing crystal, adding yet more power and positive energy to the everyday.


You’ll discover signature mottos that emphasise the brand’s spiritual message tucked away under collars or splashed across linings. A subtle way to give every garment more meaning and encourage our connection not only to our clothing, but also to one another as human beings, these are clothes with a purpose, and most-definitely longevity.


The brand’s slogan, ‘PLAY THE LONG GAME’, reiterates this sentiment. Not simply a play on words, it also encourages us to slow down, be patient and buck the current trend for instant gratification. This is true for both the fashion system and also in life, and is a key part of the ALEXANDRA LONG ethos.


“For me elegant clothes, like a dear friend, are not throwaway things. We journey the world together, sharing love and adventures, so we have to look after one another. That’s why I make timeless, quality pieces that aren’t disposable and will encourage people to have more of a bond with their clothing.”

– Alexandra Long