Look 1 /11

Alexandra’s debut ENIGMA collection is inspired by espionage during the Second World War. There is a nod to the silhouette of the 30s and 40s, and also to the siren suits that women would wear in air raid shelters. Each piece is named after a woman involved in breaking the German enigma code, and the dresses are imbued with some of their resilience and inventiveness, as well as having a lining printed with a rather naughty set of instructions using an enigmatic cipher.

The pieces are timeless, luxe and entirely made of natural fabrics. Digitally-printed silks and quality cotton blends. But there’s an altogether after-hours air to some of the specialist finishes of the ENIGMA collection.  Peekaboo zips nestled against the nipples. Zip-through-crotch jumpsuits. Soft-flapped inner-pocket-openings that might allow an admirer a fleeting fondle. And in keeping with the collections wartime theme there are pockets where, once upon a time a lover’s photo could be kept close to the heart or where today’s demi-mondaine might sequester a sachet of their chosen poison.