As the cherry blossom in London starts to fall, the arrival of our Fortuna kimono jacket  and Dione trousers  could not have been better timed. However, the innocence of spring isn’t something you’ll find with these somewhat naughty pieces. In fact, they’re anything but…

This spectacular silk set pays homage to the beauty and refinement of geishas. Its sensual Japanese print may feature blossoming flowers, but also blossoming women. Hand drawn by Alexandra herself, you’ll discover naked silhouettes and erotic scenes, immediately denying the innocence it portrays at first glance.

This provocative design is crafted from pure silk, woven at Vanners mill in Suffolk – the county where Alexandra grew up. Thanks to the erotic nature of the print and richness of the fabric the pieces are goddess-like and stunning when worn together, as demonstrated by Johanna, on a recent shoot in the luscious gardens of Regent’s Park.

Both pieces stand on their own too, and the Fortuna can be worn in various ways thanks to cleverly-hidden straps. This gives it a transformative quality offering excitement, diversity and longevity.

Whether worn together or separately, these sensual pieces nod to spring with true Alexandra Long elegance and are best accompanied by nothing more than knowing look.

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Photographer: Lilly Wood 

Styling: Maude Van Dievoet

Model: Johanna Adde Dahl